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Simply Social: WM AZ

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Based in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona

About Us


A simple solution to helping your
business succeed in social networks.

Social networking can be confusing: which networks should you use, what should you say, who should say it, how should you respond to what others say?

We have the answers. We make it simple.

Simply Social: WM AZ is a locally owned and operated social media marketing business in beautiful Arizona. Ashley Brewer, owner, founded Simply Social in 2017. Her vision for Simply Social came out of a passion for the business community and a desire to help local business owners grow their success.

Simply Social can help you grow a loyal following for your business. Each business is unique and therefore has the opportunity to share their vision with a world of potential customers. Through custom targeted campaigns, we can help your customers, and potential customers, to better understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it better than anyone else.

For more information about Simply Social: WM AZ, please contact us at 602-821-1558 or

Social Media

Through customized, targeted Facebook posts, we can exponentially increase your business’s exposure to potential customers.


We use email as a broad tool to stay in touch with your contacts in a monthly contact point or as a highly targeted tool with custom messages.

Blogs & Articles

We write search-engine optimized blog articles to convince your visitors of your authoritative and validated status in your industry.

Our Clients

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